Andorra completed my goal to visit all European Microstates; and just like the rest of them, I found it to be a delightful, friendly and highly-developed little country.

Andorra's location is a bit remote in a montainous region at the Spain/France border. The capital city of Andorra la Vella together with the city of Escaldes-Engordany right next to it are located in a beautiful valley at 1,023m elevation.

The two cities offer nice walks and good views of the surrounding mountains, cool stone-built buildings, the Church of Saint Esteve and Europe's largest spa complex, Caldea. Take a nice and relaxing walk on the Rec de l'Obac path with the forest on one side and the city on the other.

The main attraction of Andorra lies outside the capital - driving around the little country on the narrow winding roads and admiring the moutain scenery. There are interesting sights outside the capital, including the Esglesia de Santa Coloma d'Andorra church built in the 9-12th century, the Pont de la Margineda bridge built in the 14-15th century or the pretty El Pas de la Casa village located at over 2,000m altitude.

There are two other cool attractions that I recommend. First, the Tobotronc - world's longest nature toboggan at 5.3km in length offers very thrilling rides and great views of mountains and pine forests (with speeds of up to 40kmh). The second is the very interesting Nikolai Syadristy microminiatures museum featuring tiny sculptures fitted inside the eye of a needle.

Finally, the food is excellent throughout Andorra. All in all, a very pleasurable trip.

Read a detailed account of my trip to Andorra here (a part of my series on Europe's Microstates)

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