Austria is a nice and relaxing destination for pretty little towns, nice castles and impressive history. I enjoyed biking along the Danube in the delightful Wachau Valley area (with rented e-bikes from for a very enjoyable ride). I did the Leiben - Durnstein route on the Northern side of the Danube, passing through some delightful towns and villages, and scenic vineyards and orchards. Durnstein in particular was very nice, as was the larger Melk with its splendid Melk Abbey founded in 1089.

Vienna is a nice and clean city with lots of historical points of interest. Food is good in Austria, with some very tasty breakfasts in particular. I also enjoyed the delicious apricot-based brandies, chocolates and sweets in the Wachau area (Bailoni Marillen Cream in particular si very good).

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