Faroe Islands (Denmark)

Located in the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands are an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. The islands feature breathtaking landscapes, the Faroes being one of the most scenic destinations I've seen in Europe (you will need a car to explore the islands). The fabulous scenery is complemented by colourful little villages, and the charming capital of Torshavn.

As with all Scandinavian countries, the Faroes are highly developed with excellent infrastructure (including some cool tunnels under the ocean); you'll find here fewer tourists than in Iceland, for instance, which only adds to the charm. The islands' total population is less than 50,000.

Fish is excellent, as expected, but prices are high overall. There are a number of different locally-brewed beers that were all very good, including the 13.5% alcohol Nykur which was my favorite. Weather is very moody so you need to be prepared, as it can change rapidly from brilliant sunshine to heavy rain and very strong winds . Local singer Eivor has some beautiful music that you might want to check out. The Faroes have the Danish Krone as currency, but use their own cool-looking banknotes that are different than Denmark's.

One of the most scenic spots I visited is the picture-perfect Gasadalur village (population: 18) with its Mulafossur waterfall. Other pretty villages are Gjogv and Kirkjbour (the latter featuring the ruins of the Middle Ages Magnum Cathedral). Hiking is also very cool. I did two hikes - the one along the Sorvagsvatn Lake and the one starting in the village of Saksun (population: 8) and going towards the ocean. Both routes were very scenic. I also did a nice cruise starting in Vestmanna and following the rugged coastline and its impressive cliffs.

Torshavn has a few interesting sites including the historic Skansin fort with some pretty impressive cannons, Torshavn Harbour, Tinganes - the quaint government buildings quarter, Torshavn Cathedral and the Niels Finsen Gota street with a few shops and restaurants.

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Faroe Islands

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