Gibraltar (UK)

The outpost of Gibraltar is a very interesting place. Located on a huge rock, there's great scenery, as well as British culture with Spanish and Arab influences. The obvious first destination is the Upper Rock Reserve, located on the top of the rock: nice views of the city below, the Barbary Apes - Europe's only free-roaming primates, the Siege and WWII Tunnels dug into the rock, lots of huge cannons and cool military installations, St. Michael's Cave and the Moorish Castle.

It's cool to meet little monkeys lying around everywhere and being silly in a location in Europe. Also, don't forget to check out a plane landing on the strip crossing the main road into Gibraltar: cars wait at traffic lights for planes to pass.

There's lots of cool stuff in the city below as well: Main Street and Casemates Square, Ocean Village, Europa Point - Gibraltar's most Southern point with nice views of Africa, and the Alameda Botanical Gardens are just a few. Driving around the rock is also cool, with a quick stop at the beach in Catalan Bay.

An interesting fact of note is that a cave in Gibraltar is supposedly the last outpost of the Neanderthals before their unfortunate extinction, according to local researcher Clive Finlayson. Neanderthals have supposedly lived in Gorham's cave until as recently as 24,000 years ago, which I find fascinating; the cave cannot be visited. Sadly, the Gibraltar Museum doesn't cover this topic very well.

Read a detailed account of my trip to Gibraltar here (a part of my series on Europe's Microstates; I know Gibraltar is not a microstate, but it's mentioned in the guide as a bonus entry)

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