Gran Canaria & Ceuta (Spain)

The Spanish island of Gran Canaria, located off the coast of Morocco, was a very pleasant surprise. While its beach resorts are nice but looked rather generic, the island's real beauty lies away from the cities and resorts. While driving around and exploring Gran Canaria's interior you'll encounter fabulous mountains and valleys, narrow winding roads, the island's trademark red volcanic landscapes and interesting desert vegetation everywhere you look; it's looks like a vast botanic garden at times. I enjoyed it a lot.

While driving around the island you have to stop in various scenic small towns and villages for photos, coffee and good food. I recommend San Bartolomeo de Tirajana and interestingly-named Teror. The old city part of the island's capital of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, called Vegueta, is also nice, while the sand dunes in Maspalomas are another cool sight.

On a separate trip I've also passed through the autonomous city of Ceuta on my way to Morocco and back. Ceuta is one of Spain's two enclaves in Africa, located on Moroccan territory.

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