Jordan is a fascinating country with a vibrant culture, excellent food and a number of unique attractions.

The first destination is the Petra archaeological complex famous for its rock cut architecture and built by the Nabataean kingdom some 2,000 years ago. The jewel of Petra is the "Treasury", or Al Khazneh, the mausoleum of Nabataean King Aretas IV. I had seen many pictures, of course, but admiring it in person was very cool. There are many other fascinating ruins in Petra belonging to both the Nabataean culture and their eventual Roman conquerors. I also enjoyed the 1.2 km long gorge called the Siq that leads to the Treasury. This entire site is a must-see.

In the country's capital I enjoyed the Amman Citadel with its beautifully preservered Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad ruins and offering splendid 360 degree views of Amman. Close by you'll find the Roman Amphitheatre, another interesting historical site. Next, I visited the King Abudllah I Mosque with its fabulous blue mosaic dome. I ended my trip with a few relaxing hours spent at a Dead Sea beach.

Amman is a vibrant and lively city (with lots of cats). I enjoyed the pretty, though somewhat touristy, Rainbow Street lined with shops and restaurants, as well as the more authentic area around King Faysal Square.

Food in Jordan was excellent; everything I ate during my trip was very good. Don't miss the country's most well known dish, mansaf, excellent kebab, delicious bedouin cuisine or the fantastic sweets and desserts such as kunefe. My recommendations for good food are Sufra Restaurant on Rainbow Street and Habiba Sweet on King Hussein Street for kunefe. Don't forget to try cardamom coffee and mint tea.

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