Maldives, the smallest country in Asia by land area, is a great destination for leisure and relaxation. Intense blue waters, great beaches, lush vegetation, exotic fish in the waters including the occasional (harmless) shark, lots of birds and other wildlife on the islands, attention to detail and quality of service, and a generally relaxed atmosphere - all work wonders towards reducing stress and recharging your batteries.

A vacation on one of the country's 80 resort islands is a pretty unique experience (I don't usually make recommendations on this site, but the island resort of Kuramathi deservedly needs to be mentioned).

And if the beach and endless snorkeling aren't enough for you, a trip to some of the other islands, be they inhabited islands, other resorts or just a small deserted island in the middle of nowehere, is a fun thing to do. Finally, a quick trip to the island capital of Male is also interesting.

Additional info:
- country entry on Wikipedia
- country profile on Wikivoyage

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