Monaco is one of Europe's microstates and the second smallest country in the world after Vatican City. I enjoyed it a lot as its a very scenic little country and there's lots to see and do in just 2.02 sqkm.

While you can't escape its reputation as a playground for the rich, there's a lot more to the city state than Ferraris and casual looking billionaires: the country is filled with beautiful parks, gardens and city art presented with exquisite attention to detail. And you get to see everything in one day.

Lose yourself along the narrow streets of Monaco-Ville (the old city), walk around the Port de Monaco or take the public elevators to the newer parts of the city; definitely don't miss the beautiful Jardin Exotique and the highly appealing Institut Oceanographique. Walking along the coast from Quai Rainier III to Institut Oceanographique was particularly scenic.

Finally, you can't really leave Monaco without trying your hand at roulette in the world famous Monte Carlo Casino - an obvious way to end a very enjoyable trip.

Read a detailed account of my trip to Monaco here (a part of my series on Europe's Microstates)

Additional info:
- country entry on Wikipedia
- country profile on Wikivoyage

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