Spent a few days in Moscow on my way to Kazakhstan. I loved the Red Square and especially St. Basil's Cathedral - it's even nicer than you see it in the stereoptypical photos of Moscow.

Other highlights included the Memorial Museum of Astronautics full of cool space exhibits and its striking Monument to the Conquerors of Space; the Bunker-42 former secret military complex with the launch command center for nuclear warhead ICBMs; and the Ostankino TV Tower which offers cool views of the city from 340 metres above.

All in all Moscow is nice and there's lots of stuff to do; there is greatness in this city, but do your best to avoid the roads - traffic is horrible. Even if they don't smile a lot, people were very nice, with random acts of kindness including a young girl showing me directions to the Ostankino Tower and walking with me to the entrance, a policeman walking with me to the correct train platform in the somewhat confusing metro system and a cab driver stopping to get some ice cream - one for himself and, unexpectedly, one for me. And, yes, women were indeed gorgeous.

By setting foot in Russia I'm also pleased to have (briefly) visited the largest country in the world after focusing on microstates and smaller countries in recent trips.

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