Touring the Baikonur Cosmodrome * Day VI

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In the morning I check online to see that the Soyuz has docked successfully with the ISS. We proceed to visit the Cosmonaut Alley where all cosmonauts plant trees before first going to space. Naturally it all starts with Gagarin’s tree.

I spot a cool little turtle that looks surprised to see all these people. It lazily moves towards the cosmonaut trees and will probably gnaw at them later when no one’s looking.

We proceed to check out the press conference room that’s empty now and open for exploration. We get to sit in the chairs that the astronauts used a couple of days before.

And finally it’s time to go back to Moscow. We stop for photos of the Baikonur sign that marks entry to the town and that is now used by camels to hide from the heat.

No barf bags are passed around at the beginning of the return trip to Moscow, which turns out to be less fun that getting to Baikonur. But nothing else matters now. This was an outstanding trip.

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